Is To Kill A Mockingbird A Racist Book?

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper is not racist. Everything racist the author used in the novel, such as the word nigger, was used to make a point and so it would affect people more. If it were a white man that raped Mayella, it wouldn't affect the reader as much because they have negative feelings for or qualms toward black people. Harper Lee trys to make his novel realistic to bring out her message.

Tom's character is stereotyped as being a black slave with dignity, morals, and courage. Tom is very subservient, but with a reason. It's realistic because most blacks had to be very careful about what they did around white people. In the community, black people didn't stand a chance aganist the word of any white person. In his testimony, Tom had to be very careful about what he said because the slightest slip up could give the other lawyer a chance to make a play on his words.

When Tom runs away, that reflects a stereotyed characteristic saying that all blacks try to run away to find a better place and situation away form their racist problems.

Atticus Finch isn't too passive. He's passive for a reason: He thinks about everything he does. He's a smart man, who believes in justice and equality. He always trys to put himself in the other person's shoes. He isn't racist. If he were racist, he wouldn't have taken the case seriously and taken in all the insults and consequences he got. He was just firmly living up to his beliefs. Everyone in town respects him and they know he's doing the right thing, but no one wants to step forward and say they agress with him. He's the heroic figure.

The word nigger wasn't used to offend anyone. Once...