I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (Challenges In The Book)

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Maya Angelou lived in different places as she grew up. When she was young, her parents were divorced and she was shipped off to live with her grandmother. Her autobiography, I know why the caged bird sings tells the story of Margaret Johnson, her birth name, growing up living in a poor black town with her grandmother. Maya Angelou faces many challenges in her life.

One challenge that Maya faced was the separation of her parents and being sent across the country at the age of three. She and her brother were put on the train with their tickets pinned to her brother's coat to go live with someone they had never met before. "Our parents had decided to put an end to their calamitous marriage, and Father shipped us home to his mother. A porter had been charged with our welfare--he got off the train the next day in Arizona--and our tickets were pinned to my brother's inside coat pocket."

(Angelou, 5). When Maya was so young she had the challenge of leaving her parents and living with her grandmother.

For one year of Maya's life, she went to live with her mother. While she was there she was raped by her mothers boyfriend, Mr. Freeman. He tells her that if she tells anyone, he will kill her brother, Bailey. "If you ever tell anybody what we did. I'll have to kill Bailey" (Angelou, 74). Maya faces the challenge of wether or not she should tell what happened to her. After hiding it for so long, it finaly gets out that she was raped and she realizes that it is for the best that it is not a secret anymore. "In the hospital, Bailey told me that I had to tell who did that to me, or the...