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Running head: KUDLER FINE FOODSKudler Fine FoodsRobert BeardUniversity of PhoenixKudler Fine FoodsIn 1998, entrepreneur Kathy Kudler turned her passion for gourmet and specialty foods into a new business named Kudler Fine Foods. Beginning with a single store located in La Jolla, California, the business grew and prospered. Kudler opened a second store in Del Mar and a third in Encinitas. A fourth store is in the planning stage for Carlsbad. While the Encinitas store is prospering, the Del Mar location is providing less than expected results. Overall the business offers encouragement for future growth and success.

Several problems exist for the business to which Kudler has inadequately addressed. Among them would be a high inventory turnover due to the perishable nature of the inventory, potential competition, and limited expansion opportunities.

Ideally a new and relatively small business would grow evenly and balanced with respect to its various operational aspects. This has not been the case with the management at Kudler.

Sales for this 3 store enterprise are in the $10 million dollar range while Kudler's management style has been maintained at a similar level as when the first store began operations 11 years ago. Kudler maintains full control of all purchasing and inventory control while working 7 days a week and traveling between all stores every day. Kudler is considering a plan to establish an automated system for tracking inventory. This consideration is a step in the right direction.

An inventory control program including the delegation of Kudler's direct management duties will allow Kudler Fine Foods the ability to increase profits and to allow for future growth.

Clearly any progressive change within the organization will require that Kudler relinquish a portion of her activities. This presents a most difficult task, however, as mentioned she is in the process of evaluation...