Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense

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Known for the quality of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) the company assembles, and the company's responsiveness to demands of customers, has caught the attention of a large distribution company. The distribution company would like the opportunity to sale Kuiper Leda's line of RFIDs to the distributor's clients. In a video with Richard Caro (2008), Richard points out that the new distribution company is "dating" Kuiper Leda at this point. The company is profiling Kuiper Leda to discover if a business relationship is in order for the two companies and if the cultural mixture of the two companies will blend. Richard states that the company is in the process of interviewing a potential business partner. Much like a personal relationship, the new distribution company wants to get to know Kuiper Leda (the courtship phase), to understand the relationship before proceeding with the business relationship.

Even though Kuiper Leda maintains long-time business practices, the new distributor has concerns with how Kuiper Leda performs the supply chain practices and requests Kuiper Leda to re-evaluate the practices. These concerns can make or break the business deal if Kuiper Leda does not take the concerns seriously.

"Inventory management involves planning and controlling inventory from the raw material stage to the final delivery at the customer's end. Businesses rely on suppliers for inputs that are required to manufacture their products. They need to manage their production schedules efficiently in order to keep their commitments to the customers. Not only do businesses need adequate supplies, but they also need to be able to handle excesses or shortage of inventory," (University of Phoenix, 2004). Kuiper Leda, as with all manufacturing businesses, needed to find ways to plan and control the inventory from raw materials to final finish products ready to deliver...