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Some individuals are born leaders, yet others are taught to be leaders. Regardless of how leadership skills are acquired, leaders influence others to attain goals by combining good strategic substance and effective interpersonal processes to formulate and implement strategies that produce results and sustainable competitive edge (Bateman and Snell, 2008, pp. 434). In today's business society, huge corporations and small companies alike require certain leadership qualities. Leadership is most effective when leaders know how and when to adapt their leadership style to meet the developmental level and needs of the people they are managing, thus creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture.

According to Kumle and Kelly (2006), leadership is the ability to guide someone or something along a way. Large corporations, as well as, small companies are looking for leaders that can successfully create an accountable team environment, communicate on different levels of the organization, and possess integrity and accountability.

"Teamwork is something all modern leaders strive to accomplish and labor to achieve" (Kumle and Kelly, 2006, 2). Effective leaders know that creating an accountable team environment means fostering a high level of trust. In today's high paced, cutthroat business environment, most high achievers are not willing to give the level of trust needed to build a successful team. Strong leaders combat this unwillingness by operating in a trust based environment. By providing a trust based environment, leaders empower employees and give them the freedom to fulfill their job responsibilities (Kumle and Kelly, 2006, 13).

Companies are looking for leaders that can communicate on different levels of the organization, because leaders throughout the organization are needed to do the things that their people want, and to help create and implement strategic direction (Bateman and Snell, 2008, pp. 434). Although leadership is important to quality corporate performance, there...