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University of PhoenixApril 12, 2009The Simulation Managing Across the Organizations presented several challenges for the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and managers. The task for the CEOs and managers was to maintain a motivated, high performing, extremely productive workforce that yields a marketable product to customers and maintains a competitive edge in the fitness equipment industry. Each organizational structure encountered challenges within departmental cultures as roles were more demanding and defining along the process. The organizational dynamics of interpersonal and conflict management sources were pervasive from sales to production and finally upper management.

Leadership Concepts WorksheetConceptApplication of Concept in the ScenarioReference to Concept in ReadingOrganizational behaviorAs CEO of Good Sport I decided to distribute power across the organization. This can only be successful if the employees are capable and can handle the responsibility. I was required to study the hierarchy of the organization and the maturity of the people in the organization in order to achieve success.

Organizational behavior is the study of what people think, feel, and do in and around organizations. OB scholars systematically study individual, team, and structural characteristics that influence behavior within organizations. (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004).

Self management leadershipI decided to place Matt Fernandez in an executive development plan to prepare him for higher challenges. This will boost his confidence in himself and increase his morale and the morale of his subordinates whom he has great deal of influence over. The subordinates will be influenced by Matt's opinion of me so this decision also helps his subordinates to trust me as Vice President. Self management leadership, defined as the process of leading others to lead themselves. An underlying assumption is that self-managed teams likely will fail if team members are not expressly taught to engage in self-management behaviors. This makes sense because it is unreasonable...