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The purpose of the paper is to explore the various types of leadership styles that affected the motivation of the employee. Jonathan and Dan have two different managerial styles. Jonathan a manager in super market who prefers to change the duties of his subordinates. He is effective manager who is liked by his employees and everyone in supermarket wants to work for him. Dan a manager who prefers a consecutive routine and adherence with a focus on repeatability. He is moderator for 30 minutes lunch break. The main characters are two friends Alex and Stephanie. They work full time and this job helps them to pay for college. Alex works for Dan, he portrayed as unhappy and disappointed. Stephanie works for Jonathon and always ready to work, she is vigorous and high motivated. This case "A Question of Motivation" will be analyzed through the Needs - Goal Theory (Maslow), Equity Theory of Motivation, Hershey - Blanchard Life-Cycle Theory and Path-Goal Theory.

Needs - Goal Theory (Maslow)

"Maslow states that human beings possess the five basic needs and theorizes that they can be arranged in a hierarchy of importance - the order in which individuals generally strive to satisfy them".(Certo&Certo, 2012, p.371)

Motivation has a significant meaning in understanding subordinate's behavior; motivation can influence this behavior to rich goals. Maslow's Motivational theory is based on the idea that human behavior is controlled through a limited number of developing fundamental needs which operate in a fixed sequence. Need is defined as a condition of deficit. Individuals are perceived as a biological being having psychological capacities. The psychological needs - the needs that are usually taken as the starting point for motivation theory are so-called psychological drivers.2 The Maslow hierarchy of needs starts from the bottom of the pyramid. First step is...