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Business is responsible by leader with a successful leadership. Responsible leadership is important as almost every aspect of work influenced by leadership in a business (Overton, 2002:2). According to Rodney Overton, the definition of leadership is 'the ability to get work done with and through others while gaining their confidence and cooperation' (2002:2). It is intent, in this brief essay, to discuss further about the important in being a responsible leader in business, the involvement and the examples. Discussion of business students learning to be a leader and also the perspective of responsible leadership also provided.

There are several of writers that discuss differently about the leadership in business. All companies are still acting like traditional approach in making profit but with a different way, according to Tim Ooi (Cheh, 2004). We cannot just making profit without taking care of the environment because if they do so, people will not consume from them (Cheh, 2004).

In this case, that company will lose business or even newspaper or Current Affair will publish a scandal about their company (Cheh, 2004). In his point of view, we must socially responsibility to be a successful leader in a business (Cheh, 2004). Fujio Cho, president of Toyota Corporation state that 'Toyota and the other automakers will not survive the 21st Century unless we pull together now and find ways to limit the car's impact on our earth' (Hermance, 2001).

Phil Crosby states that leader ought to have a clear schema, in being consistent and needs to be patience (1996:ix). He also said that leadership is not a 'system' because there is nothing that called 'system' to be installed to conquest the job of management (Crosby, 1996:2). Leadership is the result of actions that taken by an individual and leader attract their followers for pragmatic reasons...