Leadership Views Of Machiavelli

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Machiavelli's views on leadership are very controversial in today's society. He believes that you have to have a war-like mind to be a good leader. He has his own views on being a leader that not everyone agrees with in today's world. When Machiavelli was alive, the political views in his time were much different than of present time. He states that being in command is the only thing that will do a prince any good. Obviously, today's people and leaders don't all agree with that. Machiavelli responds in his essay The Qualities of a Prince, "A prince, therefore, must not have any other thought, nor must he take anything as his profession, but war and its discipline."� Machiavelli advocates that only profession which benefits is one that commands. Not all people in today's society agree with that. I think that a leader should have troops prepared and well trained so if war is needed to resolve peace then action can be taken, but thoughts of war from Machiavelli's point of view are too extreme.

In today's world, a leader needs to have knowledge on war in order to know what to do in war-like situations. Machiavelli feels that a prince should have no problem deceiving his people. He should show them generosity, but should not be too generous. He should be good to his people but not let them get comfortable with him. If a leader's people get to comfortable with him, then they will tend to try and take advantage of him. From an American culture, a leader should always try to keep his people happen, but that also has a lot to do with the time period Machiavelli was in compared to what time period of the present. He says that the right way...