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Description- Left Behind- Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye 146 Pages Summary- Chapter 1 In the first chapter, the book introduces a boy named Judd. He hates his family and just cannot stand them. He gets a credit card in the mail and applies for it.

With it he ran away to Europe.

Chapter 2 In the second chapter, the book introduces a girl named Vicki. Her family lives in a trailer park. She is a rebel who can't accept that her parents accepted Christ as their savior. She runs away one night and returns home late drunk and high.

Chapter 3 In the third chapter the book introduces a boy named Lionel. He was a Christian since birth, but he only was Christian because he thought he had to be. He talks to his uncle about it and his uncle is in the same situation.

Chapter 4 In the fourth chapter the book introduces a boy named Ryan.

Ryan is a skeptical kid. His best friend Raymie is a saved Christian and he thinks all that religious stuff is boring.

Chapter 5 Chapter five introduces the eve that the rapture occurs. Judd is on a 747 airplane when he can't stop thinking about his family. Vicki returns home and her parents tried to get her to accept Christ but she just wouldn't accept. Lionel fell asleep with his uncle in the basement of his house. Ryan was sleeping when sirens woke him up and he looked out the window and saw a pink glow in the sky, but he fell back asleep.

Chapter 6 Judd is on the plane when he notices that people are screaming. They are wondering where their husbands or family members are. Judd overheard a conversation that an old man had disappeared into thin air leaving his clothes and wig behind. The plane is forced to land in Chicago and out the plane window Judd sees the jammed cars and the accidents that had happened. They slide down the chute and Judd calls a cab and goes home. The driver told him that many houses were on fire due to the disappearances of people leaving the stove on.

Chapter 7 Vicki wakes up the next morning to find that her little sister school clothes were left neatly on the chair and her mom hadn't woken her up. She got up and went to her parent's room to find her dad's T-shirt and boxers under the covers with the leather "WWJD" necklace.

Chapter 8 Lionel woke up with his Uncle André and finds nothing but clothes everywhere.

Lionel knew what was going on and he just wanted to blame André for it. He called up the local church and they told him that what was going on was the rapture and everyone who wasn't saved was left behind.

Chapter 9 Ryan wakes up also and notices his mother is not there. He finds a note on the refrigerator that says "Make breakfast I will be home later, I went to pick up dad." Ryan walks over to Raymie's house and nobody is there and he sees the cars there so they couldn't have left. He goes home to find the TV tuned in on the news and they had a casualty's list of who had died. Ryan sees his mother and father's name and just breaks down into tears being left an orphan.

Chapter 10 Judd makes his way to hope Village church after checking all the rooms. At the same time Vicki, Ryan, and Lionel were on there way also. They get to the church and they all meet each other. The only Church member left was one of the chairmen. He had been left to give instructions to the others. He put in a video for the Kids to watch. This is where the book ends.

Vocabulary- Ornery- Pg.4 Having an irritable disposition Burden- Pg.7 Something oppressive or worrisome.

Slouched- Pg.8 To cause to droop Rapture- Pg.8 A state of being carried away by overwhelming emotions Scowling- Pg.13 To exhibit a threatening aspect Begrudgingly- Pg.18 With no enthusiasm Churchgoers- Pg.20 One who habitually attends church Moseying- Pg.21 To hurry away Ditch- Pg.21 To get rid of Fidgety- Pg.23 Making an unnecessary fuss Shrugged- Pg.25 Lift or contract the shoulders Beaming- Pg.26 Smile with joy Pacing- Pg.26 To walk with a slow tread Bleary- Pg.71 Tired to the point of exhaustion Nagging- Pg.80 To be annoying Pallbearers- Pg.89 A person who helps carries the casket at the funeral.

Slatted- Pg.91 Broken Setting- This book took place in Chicago Illinois. This is all the kids were left behind from the rapture.

Primary Characters- Response- I really liked this book because I understand now how the rapture will occur like it says in Revelation. I recommend this book to anyone willing to learn about it.