Left Behind

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What would you do if all your loved ones disappeared and you were Left Behind. That's the problem Rayford Steele and Buck Williams have to deal with in the religious novel Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. In Left Behind there are two main characters, Rayford Steele and Buck Williams, Rayford is a pilot and Buck is a senior journalist for the Global Weekly magizine. It just so happens in the story that Buck is riding on the plane that Rayford is flying to London. All of the sudden Hatie Durham, the senior flight attendant runs to the cockpit hysterically screaming "they "˜re all gone there all gone" so Rayford Steele discovers that almost half his passengers are missing. And eventually discovers when he makes his emergency landing at O'Hare that almost half the world's population has disappeared including all his family is missing except his oldest daughter.

Mean while the same thing has happened to Buck except from a journalists point of view. And threw out the rest the novel the characters have to struggle threw the trials and tribulations of the new world.

This book is very exciting and very clever for example it puts two stories in one. It has the story from Rayford Steele's point of view and the story from Buck William's point of view. Which is interesting because there views on the event are completely different. For example all Rayford can think about is getting his family that is missing back and getting a hold of his daughter in college Chloe. And all Buck can think about is getting the story for the Global Weekly. The plot of this story is that God has chosen the good and left behind the sinners of the world. And the people left...