Letter to John Howard the Australian Prime Minister

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Dear Mr John Howard,

My name is __________ __________ and I am writing to you in regards of the possibility of aliens attacking and invading Australia.

Regarding Australia being attacked by aliens, I am questioning our ignorance. Mr Howard do we have enough knowledge from our space explorations, are there, if any extraterrestrial life in outer space. Alluding to the text 'Eve of the War', written by H.G Wells, it says that the ignorance in humankind could lead to their deaths, because the aliens were much more advanced in their mathematical wisdom and thoughts.

Mankind was just wandering the Earth going about their everyday lives while they were being observed by aliens just a few thousand kilometres away, with no knowledge of what was going to happen to them.

If the possibility of aliens attacking Australia becomes veracity then will the aliens attack us like the Europeans attacked the Aboriginals? With such ferocity and treating them like inferior beings just because they had not heard of the term "technology".

Returning to the novel 'Eve of the War' it scrutinizes the ability of mankind and its capacity to maintain its control. If the aliens attack, will they obliterate us just like the Europeans did the Aborigines? With such misunderstanding of their values and way off life and that they do not want to combine their lives with technology.

According to H.G Wells novel 'Eve of the War' says that the aliens have apparently ran out of resources on their planets. In doing so the aliens are observing us noting our weaknesses, strengths and other major factors, this would then later impact on their decisions on how to invade planet Earth. Just like the scientists on Earth treat the objects that they are studying under microscopes, they prod them with...