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The year was 1999; the place was Ester brook, a small camp near Laramie Peak. A young girl about 12 years old was attending an Episcopal Church camp. This young girls name was Madison Shoop, and she was accompanied by two friends from her home town. These friends' names were Anndee Huber and Alex Jording. The camp was for the first week in August. For the whole the week everyone big and small was having a great time. They went for nature walks, sang songs, did arts and crafts and learned about God. Throughout the week all of the kids could not stop talking about how excited they were for the hike up Laramie Peak and the dance on Friday night.

Thursday morning came, and it started off on the right foot. Everyone that wanted to had successfully made it to the top of Laramie Peak. But things changed dramatically as it began to storm.

Madison had noticed that the clouds had been moving in, but no one wanted to go back early, because they were having too much fun. Anyway, the councilors warned to get off of the mountain as fast as you can, because the lightning was close. So Madison and her friends began to sprint down the rugged path. After slipping and sliding down to the bottom they found a suburban that was owned by a group leader. As they rushed to the vehicle they found that their shelter from the rain was also shared by another 14 soaken wet campers. After reflecting on their adventure for two hours, the remainder of the group and the councilors arrived with the rest of the vehicles, and they headed back to Ester brook. All the way home all 17 of the campers were complaining of being itchy.