An Essay/Review on "A Cage of Butterflies" by Brian Caswell Students are to *discus intelligence *morals and ethics that appear in the novel *discuss fear and use examples from the novel

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The novel, a cage of butterflies, is an exemplary example of the phrase “all good books have something to say and say it well.” A few issues the novel discusses are fear, the ethics and morals of using human guinea pigs and the nature of intelligence. In the novel many of the characters serve various functions, they may represent an particular idea or notion, for example Larsen is the epitome of hate whereas Ricardo and the other babies represent the idea of innocence and vulnerability.

Often people say they are afraid of the dark, its not the dark they are afraid of it is the unknown. What’s there to be afraid of if you could “see” in the dark? I use inverted commas around the word see as seeing is understanding and observing everything, so even if you could “ see” in the dark it doesn’t mean you would understand everything nor does it mean you would be able to accurately observe everything.

It is similar with death, people are afraid of dying and what’s after life (if there is anything). So God is created, with God there is no unknown, so there goes the unknown, and with the unknown his or her fear. In the novel fear is used as a motivation, and mainly my characters fear the unknown. “Myriam and the others”- she turned to face me “are your “butterflies”. And from the way Katie is reacting, I think Larsen must be getting ready to test the strength of their wings…” If Greg and the others had known Larsen and Macintyre’s plans the outcome would have been completely different, take away the unknown (Larsen and Macintyre’s plans) and what is their to be afraid of? You already know the outcome. It is similar with Susan and Eric, had...