The Life Of Robert Frost

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Robert Frost Robert Frost was an important influence on American literature. Despite rejection in his early career, he went on to become one of America's best-known poets (Bracker).

Robert Lee Frost was born in San Francisco on the 26th of March in 1874. The first child of Isabelle Moodie and William Prescott Jr., he was named Robert Lee after the famous Confederate general, Robert E Lee ("Selected Chronology").

When Frost was young, his father had problems with drinking and gambling. Unfortunately, in 1885, his father died of tuberculosis, leaving the family with a total of eight dollars. After his father's death, Frost's mother worked as a teacher, and he grew up living in the New England area.

In 1895, Robert and Elinor White were married. During their marriage, they had a total of six kids; a son Elliot (1896), a daughter Lesley (1899), a son Carol (1902), a daughter Irma (1903), a daughter Marjorie (1905) and a daughter Elinor Bettina (1907).

Unfortunately, two of his children died young. Elliot was only about four years old when he died of cholera. Even worse, Elinor Bettina died when she was only three days old. Frost and his wife were devastated at the loss of their children, but had to go on with their lives.

Frost went to Lawrence High in New Hampshire. His first published poem, "La Noche Triste," appeared in his high school bulletin in 1888. He was elected editor in chief of the bulletin in 1891. During high school, he met Elinor, who later became his wife ("Selected Chronology"). After graduating from high school, Robert earned a living by working as a bobbin boy in a local wool mill ("Frost, Robert Lee"). In 1892, he passed the preliminary entrance exams for Harvard, but chose to attend Dartmouth College, because it...