å In life there are many things we need and

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Ã¥ In life there are many things we need and don't need, if we had any of these privileges taken away we would probably be really upset. The Jews that were in the Concentration camps in the World War 2 Era must have been really upset. They had lost every thing in a lot of cases they lost there lives. As an American I never thought that we would be attacked but on September 11 it happened.

One of the worst losses that would hurt me the most is being separated from my family. All of the Jewish family's that went to the concentration camps were immediately broken up from their families. The children, old men and women killed while the strong and able men where put to work. The men never got to see their wives, sisters and other female family members again. It would even hurt me more to see my family members killed in front of me.

Many of the Jews had this happen to them. In the book Night it told about many Jewish families that say there loved ones killed in front of them. This would totally change my whole concept of life.

Another loss would be my entertainment. During the Holocaust the Jewish people lost all of their entertainment. If I lost my entertainment I would be a sluggish shallow boring person. If I lost my entertainment how would I pass time? Time would go by very slow. The Jews had no forms of entertainment but work and sleep. If I had that type of life I would die. I quess in those situations you would have to make your own forms of entertainment. But they wouldn't be that great since you wern't allowed too do anything. If I lost my entertainment I would not be the same person.

My third loss would be my food. The Jews where scarcely feed in the concentration camps. If this happened to me I would be worthless. Without being able to chose what kind of food I want to eat I would be totally different. Towards the end of the book they where totally deprived of food. Without food your body doesn't function correctly. How could a person survive like that? This would be a big loss; food was one of the biggest concerns of the Jews.

In conclusion, the Jews in the concentration camps were deprived of every thing in more cases then not there lives. I hope that this never happens again. All in all the Holocaust was a terrible thing and should never forgotten as well as the millions of lives that were lost.