The Light In The Forest

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THE LIGHT IN THE FOREST As a boy matures into a man he is faced with hardships that will shape his character throughout. These challenges will forever stay with him, imprinting his every action and thought. These challenges prepare the boy to grow into a man, however more importantly they prepare the boy for the hurdles that life will throw at him. In the novel The Light In The Forest the author, Conrad Richter, appropriately uses plot development, characterization, and setting to create a well rounded, interesting, and exciting.

This novel begins with a fifteen-year-old Lenni Lenape boy who is faced with the challenges that his father presets to him to make him a man. One of his challenges requires him to sit in ice-cold river while his father places red-hot stones from the fire on his flesh to see how long he can with stand the pain. All though a member of the Lenni Lenape he was different from the other Indians when he heard the news that the Lenni Lenape had to give up their white prisoners, due to the recent treaty, he didn't think much about it.

t, is because then could he only endure any hardship that might come this way. When he heard the news that the Lenni Lenape and Shawanose must give up their white prisoners, he didn't think much about it. He had been one of then since he could remember and Cuyloga was his father. It had been eleven years since he had been adopted to take the place of a son dead from yellow vomit. More than once had he been told that his white thoughts and meanness had been wiped away and the brave thoughts of the Indian put there instead. Ever since then he had been True Son and...