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Literature is the process of all writing which is written with an intent to interest others, and we should study it to pay respect to those who spent time preparing literature. This is the response to what is literature and why should we study it. Literature is one of the most important subjects on the face of the earth. It has made ordinary people extraordinary, and changed the way many people think. However, many people argue over what is literature. What are its boundaries? Is all writing literature? These are just a few of the questions that some think and ask about. Well, here are the answers.

Literature is writing that inspires as well as interests the reader. It is important that a work of literature inspires the reader. An example of literature would have to be Shakespeare's play. They were written with the intent to interest as well as inspire the reader.

Not all pieces of writing can be considered literature though. For example, instructions on how to put a chair together would not be considered literature. This type of writing just simply doesn't interest, or inspire the reader. This is not to say that instructions are not important, because they are very much so. This is just saying that you cannot judge writing to be literature, simply because of its importance. You must judge writing to be literature due to its intent to interest and inspire the reader.

Studying literature is a very important aspect of life. The most important reason for studying literature is to learn about those who put a lot of hard work into literature. If we did not study literature, it would be like disrespecting the likes of William Shakespeare, who is one of the greatest writers of all time. If nobody studied...