The Lost Diamond – My Personal Narrative creative writing

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The sky was gray and I felt the humid rain hit the shadows of my face. I was standing in line at the New Delhi Airport in India awaiting the arrival of my father with my boarding pass as I felt the side of my head and noticed I was missing a diamond from my ear. My head was hurting because I had nothing to eat the night before when I found my sister weeping because I had to leave. My gut was churning and all I could think about was the affect this will take on my little sister. The crowd scattered to my senseless blunder as I screamed loudly. I frantically looked all over the dark grounds to find something sparkle or anything that glowed brightly to strike me with a beam of hope, but no, it was nowhere to be found. Civilized Indian by-standers were staring at me with confusion.

Little did they know the last jewel of my ancestors disappeared like a ghost in the night. Everyone went back to their normal positions upon my fathers’ arrival with my boarding pass.

My nerves were as tight as a string on a guitar and my eyes were as red as the blood flowing in the streams of my body. My father was filled with sorrow because his oldest child was parting and there was no sign of returning in the future. My heart was filled with guilt because I was not able to stop thinking of the consequences of losing my diamond. My father was going through the darkest valley of his life by just giving his daughter away in marriage and I can only imagine what burden this would be on his heart. It is bad luck, where I come from, to lose any jewel.