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My little sister Sara is seven years old. She likes dresses and to be pictured. One day my best friend Rga'a asked me to describe Sara to her in a letter so, I draw a picture of Sara and send it with a letter, that describe Sara's wearing style and manners.

First of all, I started to draw her small heart-shape white face. Beginning at her wide forehead that exposes her smartness and brightness. Lowering to her thick black eye brows that looks as if it was pluck out. Then I draw her wide hazel tall lashes eyes that reflect her innocence and bright look toward her future. After that I draw her small, neither tall nor short, cute nose and rosy cheeks. I finished the picture with marking her thin-lipped mouth with a beautiful smile and coloring her tall black gypsy hair.

Next, my little sister clothes are nothing but a reflection of her funny strong personality.

Her colors are always shiny and reflective to attract eyes especially that satin shiny red dress which is embroidered with white color at the top of the nick and the arms. For its height, no longer than her knees with a little puffed up to show the beauty of the white weaving at the edge of the dress mixed with red color. When she dresses that red dress she tie her black hair with small red roses to suit the color of the dress.

In addition, for the previous descriptions I described Sara's manner in the house. She is naughty she doesn't listen to mom when mom ask her not to jump on the stairs or run all over the house. She likes to play with her dummies tea party and pretending that she is a grown up. She fills the house...