My New Friends

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My New Friends

I grew up in a small town with Mary Jane, my brother's girlfriend. Mary Jane

was like my little sister. Her brother and I were friends, and wherever we went Mary

Jane could be found not far behind. Mary Jane was diagnosed with diabetes at the tender

age of 11. Nevertheless, she was a beautiful girl. She had blonde hair that fell into long,

spiral curls that bounced when she would walk. I will never forget the day she died with

my tiny, undeveloped nephew in her womb. My life is now lead by guilt, sorrow, and


Guilt is beside me because of my selfishness. I did not agree with the things that

were happening in the relationship that my brother and Mary Jane shared. It seemed to

me that every time my brother started to have too much fun, it was time for Mary Jane to

get sick.

I remember the words she used to say: "My legs feel like noodles, we have to

go home", and there they would go like a mother and her scolded child behind her with

his head hung. Despite this was not my own relationship, I became angry and finally

exploded all of my negative feelings onto both of them. I said things that should not have

been said to a starving dog rummaging through the trash for a tiny morsel of food. We

did not speak to each other for several weeks, even though we only lived a few blocks

apart. Eventually, Mary Jane and my brother started to come by to visit. We went on

with our lives as though nothing had ever happened. I never apologized for the things

that I said, therefore, guilt and I walk hand-in-hand down the winding roads of life.

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