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Grace Kim, Isaac Pulatov, Patrick Aguda

Major Works Data Sheet-

A Lost Lady

Title: A Lost Lady

Author: Willa Cather

Date of Publication: September 1923

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Biographical information about the author:

Born on December 7, 1873 in Back Creek Valley, Virginia as the eldest child of Charles Cather and Mary Cather, author Willa Cather had been raised in a small farming community since young age. Her family is of Irish descent. Willa Cather's family moved to Webster County, Nebraska to join her grandparents and uncle. Willa Cather had been characterized by her tomboy disposition as a young girl, who favored short hair and trousers. As she graduated high school and entered the University of Nebraska with the initial interests in pursuing medicine, her plans had changed when her writing piece was published in a class. Since then, she began to write more stories and spend more time editing the school magazine. As an author, she has published notable novels such as O Pioneers in 1913, My Antonia in 1917, One of Ours, and A Lost Lady in 1923, and My Mortal Enemy in 1926. Willa Cather's novels have always been merited due to the reflection of her own beliefs regarding reverence for nature and historical events. Cather continued to publish novels during her career. She has received widespread acclaim from readers until her death in April 24, 1947.

Historical information about the period of publications:

The story focuses on the declining stages of the age of pioneers in the Midwest and South. The 1920s, commonly referred to as the Roaring Twenties, marks the period of cultural interests regarding new appliances, technology, jazz music, and most importantly, economic prosperity. The rise of welfare capitalism was significant regarding economic policies. Other means of transportation...