The lottery

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The Lottery The plot of the story become obvious until the very end. People gather in the town square, they gather up the stones and there is a actually lottery. Somebody is actually going to win in the lottery. It turns out everybody pull out their own piece of paper and family member draw their number. Finally, Mrs Hutchinson, one of the house wife, one of the mother in the community got a paper that has a black dot on in. She did not win anything good, but she is marked to die. The villagers grab up their stones and stone her to death. This is the end of the story. Shirley Jackson put such a horrifying story together to say something out from the story. We know one explanation of the existence of the lottery from one of the character in the story, old man Warner. He explain that there is some connection between the corn that is growing and this ritual.

He says that "Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon." this tells us that these people in the village thought about the lottery as the fertility ritual. If you kill somebody, the crops will be good. This is the only rational inside the story. It has a sense of superstitious of the village people. When people talk to old man Warner about discontinuing the lottery, he describe the younger villagers as a pack of fools, people that do not understand and they do not know what they doing. All the villages had stop the lottery but not this particular village, they keep on spilling it. The internal logic of the story tells that it is a religion, they always do it and also related to a successful crops. Outside the story, we can see that Mrs Hutchinson...