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Being a Police Officer Being a police officer is a moderately paying job with good benefits, you enforce the law, keep the peace and get paid well with it. TELL MORE HERE "The job market for a police officer is a god one, and it is a well paying job with a median salary of $55,788. The low salary is $45,727 and the high salary is $67,146"(Police 2).CITE SOURCE AGAIN TELL MORE ABOUT MARKET It is a challenging task to enforce justice in our nation. DO RESEARCH TO DETERMINE MORE SPECIFICS. CITE YOUR RESEARCH Schools of higher learning and other necessary credentials are needed to become a police officer you need "four years of high school and four years of college" (Police 1). "Requirements of the field are two to four years of experience in the field, and you have to be a United States citizen, you must be 18 years old or older, you must posses a driver's license" (Police 1).

And you cannot have prior felonies or serious convictions.

The trade journals and other publications of the field are works such as PBA Weekly, the New Jersey police Officer, and Law and Order. GIVE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THESE PUBLICATIONS It is a challenging task to enforce justice in our nation. BUILD ON THIS IDEA TO CREATE A FORMAL CONCLUSION BOB, YOU HAVE THE BASIC STRUCTURE DOWN, AND YOU WILL GET CREDIT FOR SUBMITTING THIS ROUGH. HOWEVER, YOU HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO BEFORE A FINAL DRAFT IS COMPLETE.