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I believe Dr. Reiland is right that parents play a great part in their children's behavior through their high school years. I also agree that if children feel loved at home they will less likely seek love elsewhere in alcohol, drugs, smoking , sex or violence.

It has been my experience that children that feel loved and are told that they are loved are less likely to look for love through sex with their peers. I assume that many teenage girls get pregnant more for having someone to love. Girls usually want a baby because the baby will love them as much as they think they will love the baby. Teenage girls are babies themselves, they don't realize the time and patience it takes to raise a child, they just know that they want a baby to love, much like a little girl who wants a doll.

I don't think that Dr Resnick, gives enough information in his report, "Parents Remain Major Influence", to support his study when he says that it is love that teenagers are looking for in smoking, alcohol, drugs, violence and suicide. I do believe what he says is true but I don't think he has explained to me the complete process. I believe all of these negative actions are attention-getting devices. Teenagers want to be noticed even if it is for the wrong reason. True they are looking for attention from their parents, which may or may not mean love. Now, if it is love teenagers are looking for through attention, and if the parents don't give them that love, they will look within their negative behavior group for other people to love them or at least pay attention to them.

In my opinion if a teenager gets involved with these negative behaviors it could lead to a bitter life for them as well as their parents. There are no pros to this behavior lifestyle. If a daughter gets pregnant who's going to raise the child. If my teenager carries drugs and alcohol abuse through his adult life or even just through his high school years, how much valuable time he or she has wasted in normal socialization. The time on drugs and alcohol is a blank that the abuser doesn't remember, and if the abuser comes to his senses, how far behind is he or she in the maturity level of their peers.

Smoking violence and suicide are definitely detrimental to a teenager. We read about smoking that causes lung disease and heart disease those are true physical problems. I definitely think fighting shooting and knifing doesn't have a happy lifestyle for the future.

Suicide whether committed consciously or unconsciously is definitely a dead end. When a teenager kills themselves in a conscious decision it is very disturbing. I do think that smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex and violence is an unconscious way of committing suicide.