Management and Leadership

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University of PhoenixMGT/330I always thought that management and leadership was the same thing, but taking this class has revealed to me that there are some differences between the two. Management is the act, manner, or practice of managing; handling, supervision, or control of a business or circumstance. In business, managers are usually responsible for taking care of employee issues and making sure the tasks assigned to each employee is completed correctly. They usually administer breaks and lunch times, encourage each of the employees to do their best work, in general they supervise the daily functions of the operation. Although they may lead their team of employees, most often, the function of management is to accomplish daily goals. Leaders, on the other hand, plan for the future. Leaders can be formal or informal. An example of a formal leader would be a person who is a member of the management team, like a CEO.

An informal leader may not be a member of management but rather just line staff. This person would be a leader because they are a person who carries influence with other employees or members of the organization. The formal definition of leadership is the position or office of a leader: ascended to the leadership of the party. But a leader is simply one that leads or guides. A leader in an organization may be a person who has a vision for the organization and plans goals around that vision or it may be a person who exhibits leadership by the integrity of their performance. He or she may lead the team of managers or may lead the team of line staff by example. The goals and visions of leadership are generally for the long term, however, the managers depends on them and uses them to develop daily...