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There are many factors that corporations and businesses will face as long as they are in business. Businesses also have certain responsibilities that they need to address during their course of doing business. Halliburton is a company that faces such issues and requires management to act in order to address certain aspects of business during their planning process. This paper will address legal, ethical, and social responsibilities that Halliburton has faced and how these factors impact management planning. It will also address certain factors that the strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planners have to face and plan for.

Management Planning at Halliburton/KBRHalliburton and its subsidiary, Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR), provide many products and services to the oil and gas industries throughout the world. Halliburton provides services throughout the entire lifecycle of oil and gas production facilities. They begin with the exploration for natural resources, they then construct facilities, maintain them, redesign facilities, and ultimately will aid in their abandonment.

Halliburton provides almost every service know to the oil and gas industry and have been in this business since 1919. (Halliburton, 2006) Their subsidiary, KBR, is the branch of Halliburton that specifically focuses on engineering and construction. (Halliburton, 2006) KBR has become a well known name because of their contracts in the Middle East in support of the War on Terror.

LegalHalliburton and KBR have both seen their share of legal troubles. In 1998, then CEO Dick Cheney negotiated a deal to buy a competitor named Dresser Industries for the sum of $7.7 billion. (Baue, 2003) The acquisition was a seen as a smart move by the company up until December 2002. In December 2002, Halliburton was responsible to pay $4 billion to settle asbestos claims that had been held against Dresser Industries. (Baue, 2003)This seems to be one of...