Management Overview for Kudler Fine Foods

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Running head: Management Overview for Kudler Fine Foods

Management Overview for Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods is a supplier of gourmet ingredients for quality specialty meals at an all-in-one stop shopping locale. Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler) has three different locations all in the southern California, San Diego area. The first store was envisioned and opened by Kathy Kudler in 1998, and within the next five years Kudler had a total of three stores open in the San Diego area and visions for more. Kudler has three levels of management. The levels are: Strategic Managers (Senior Executives), Tactical Managers (Middle Management), and Operational Managers (Supervisors and lower level managers). As with all companies, the importance is that all these tiers work together in a complimentary manner to succeed in implementing the company's goals and visions. A review of the management team at Kudler will identify who is responsible for the four primary functions of management, explain how technology and the internet affect and are made good use of at Kudler, and finally will show how Kudler's operations identify within Porter's Five Forces Model.

Management functions and responsibilities

As president of the organization of Kudler Fine Foods, Kathy Kudler has a critical role to perform in the company. As Kathy has started the company and is the president, she has the responsibility of creating a vision for the company to follow and to set goals company wide for all employees to follow and uphold. To assure that the goals are evident for all to see, the Mission Statement for Kudler is posted on their website. The second tier of management at Kudler consists of three directors that have various duties to the organization. These three tactical managers are in charge...