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Modern day business is more competitive than ever and success of one's business is boiled down to one thing, outsmarting the competitors. This is where a management team comes into play. In order to stay on the top, creativity and innovation are used to bring new plans for new ideas. "Applying fresh ideas is the most basic type of management planning while other organizations remain faithful to knowledge management, enterprising systems, and re-engineering which more than likely helped shaped their business over the years" (McNamara, 2007). How do businesses come up with ideas? Where do they come from? How do new ideas get traction in an environment that is very cautious?"What's the Big Idea?" is a book written by Tom Davenport, Laurence Prusack, and H. James Wilson explaining the ways of creating and capitalizing on the best management thinking. In truth, they laid out an eight-point strategic plan for winning with ideas.

These are excerpts from Fast Company, which conducted the interview. The writer will demonstrate how their plans to win with ideas correlates to organizational planning and planning functions of management. The writer will also try to, at best find correlation in legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. The lesson here is to strategically win with new ideas.

There are three key points for great ideas. These key elements must improve efficiency and create greater effectives or innovations in product services and processes.

It would be very difficult for a great idea to survive on just one of these key elements; one without the other two would limit the power and value of the plan and innovation.

Are there any new ideas out there? Take into consideration that every new idea takes off from a related idea that came before it. Let's not call attention to...