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IntroductionIn order to effectively achieve its goals and organization must implement detailed and decisive planning to insure that all angles are covered. Outlining alternative plans of action should also be made to ensure that each goal will be attained. Additionally, resources required to reach corporate goals and any obstacles that may arise should also be considered. This will ensure the achievement of each goal in the event that the original plan fails. These principles can be proven through an analysis of Boeing, an aerospace company that manufacturer's commercial jetliners and military aircraft by explaining the company's levels of planning and how legal, social and ethical responsibilities impact their planning.

Business planning at The Boeing Company is multifaceted and complex process because it is influenced by internal and external factors that can involve legal and ethical issues, while maintaining social and corporate responsibilities. Factors such as competition, economic condition and laws directly influence the strategic, operational, tactic and contingency planning.

Boeing has been able to maintain a high level of success for many years due to its strong planning and ethics.

The planning process can sometimes be complicated by legal issues, which can put the company in an awkward position. For example, in 2000, 38 women in Seattle filed a class action against The Boeing Company for pay discrimination (Business Week, 2004). Although there was clear evidence that pay differential existed, the company was slow in providing the necessary documents to the plaintiffs' attorneys. In 2004 The Boeing Company settled the suit out of court and saved itself from public embarrassment. In this situation, it was best for Boeing to settle because it would resonate better with consumers, its employees, and the public in general.

Corporate social responsibility is an extremely important aspect that translates directly to the consumer and the...