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Globalization, innovation and diversity at The Hershey Company impact the four functions of management locally, nationally and internationally. Our team assignment will demonstrate how The Hershey Company, North America's largest chocolate and non-chocolate confectionary and grocery products manufacturer, has effectively demonstrated its use of the four main functions of management. Proper planning, organizing, leadership, and control within The Hershey Company have propelled the company into a leading role in chocolate manufacturing and innovations worldwide.

DiversityAccording to the American Heritage Dictionary, diversity means the fact or quality of being diverse; difference; a point or respect in which things differ or simply a variety. As an employee coming from a very diverse background, the importance to find employers in diversity shows their commitment in developing and promoting people from various backgrounds.

Diversity is not only managed through the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling but is also done through individuals and the organization itself.

Diversity provides not only opportunities for many organizations, but challenges as well. Diversity serves as a competitive advantage and a source of conflict. The Hershey Company demonstrates how they are able to manage diversity well.

Today, The Hershey Company continues to look for talented and polished individuals with very diverse backgrounds to improve upon the company's short and long-term goals. In order for a company to be successful, employees must be hired with diverse backgrounds simply to bring forth new concepts and ideas. Today, organizations like The Hershey Company future thrive on the quality and success of their employees. Their human resource department (HR) starts their planning process by analyzing and forecasting new resources needed to fill certain vacancies within the organization.

"At The Hershey Company, diversity is a key ingredient in making us one of the finest companies in the world. We value the...