Management Theory Taxonomy

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The following taxonomy will focus on 10 different management theories which will list the author, theory and significance.

Management theory can be defined as a group of rules, regulations, ideas and practices all developed to assist managers in several key areas such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling all of which is done in a manner that is the most effective and efficient way possible. Another way this can be summed up is ideas or practices which help us to reach or exceed specified goals by using any and all resources available in the most efficient way possible.

Management Theory TaxonomyAuthorTheory and descriptionSignificanceDouglas McGregorTheory X&Y - Theory X assumes people The shift from theory X to Ydislike work, prefers to be directed and allows workers to be creative,controlled. The primary motivators are relaxed and empowered. Thisfear and money. Helps the business grow byTheory Y assumes that most people encouraging them to exceedlike work, accept and sometimes seekthe standards set forth byresponsibilities are committed to their management.

goals and are motivated by a variety ofawards.

(Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2008, p. 270)Fredrick TaylorScientific Management Theory – At the Although this theory help toTurn of the century most of the notableincrease productivity in thecompanies In America were larger manufacturing sectors it alsoindustrial manufacturers. They used manyhad the adverse effect ofroutine tasks to manufacture a wide creating an atmosphere ofvariety of goods. With the scientificmonotony. The result wasmanagement theory it is believed thatskill variety, autonomy and all tasks should be standardized as muchother positive attributes wereAuthorTheory and descriptionSignificanceas possible. Workers would be rewardednow missing in this theory.

and or punished as necessary. The theory ( [], 2007)also suggests that the better manager isone who utilizes a systematic approachto management.(McNamara, 2008)Max WeberBureaucratic Management Theory - Although still in sporadicThis theory strongly suggests...