Managerial Communication: Persuasive Communication

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Communication plays an integral role in our lives. Be it at work, at play or even between self, we are constantly communicating, consciously and unconsciously. Virtually nobody can avoid communication. For the purpose of this subject, the focus is on managerial communication, which is quite different from other forms of communication. As Munter (2000) puts it, "in a business or management setting, a brilliant message alone is not sufficient: you are successful only if your message leads to the response you desire from you audience." This paper thus seeks to document the managerial communication process and the potential benefits and problems that might suffice during the process. It will also attempt to reinforce the growing importance of effective communication in organizations with appropriate examples drawn from the good practices and strategies used in successful organizations of today.

For the purpose of this assignment, this paper will seek to discuss the role of persuasion in today's organizations and the issues that may arise during the process.

It will attempt to discuss what Adler and Elmhorst (2002) proposed of the effects of persuasion and behavioural change.

This paper will also look into the various persuasion strategies that have been widely used in the past and present and the ethical considerations that need to be made in this new day and age where various codes of conduct and regulations have been put in place to ensure that ethical guidelines are met and that morals are kept in check.

Managerial communication is essential to any organization in today's thriving and dynamic business environment. So integral is effective managerial communication that an organization depends on it to operate its internal systems within or beyond the organization structure. Thus in a business or management setting, a carefully phrased and presented message alone is insufficient...