Maple Leaf Food Listeriosis Outbreak Review and Discussion

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Maple Leaf Food Listeriosis Outbreak Review and Discussion

In August 2008 the Maple Leaf Food launched the largest meat recall in Canadian history, because listeriosis was found in some of their products. The outbreak caused 20 people's life. The company's CEO Michael MeCain apologised for that incident and admitted that Maple Leaf products were found responsible for some customer's illness and death. He also claims the company's new action plans are quailed for putting the customer's interest first. Although the Maple Leaf plant at Toronto was shut down after the recall, angry and confused consumers still come to protest outside the meat factory.

The Maple Leaf Food Company was forced to call back 243 types of potentially deadly products. As Canada's largest food processer, Maple Leaf Food lost more than $25 million due to the outbreak, not including the $15 million of lost sales, which is 94% of the operatory profits of the company's meat division for its third quarter.

Listeriosis bacteria are found commonly in food and environment; it may cause high fever, severe headache, neck stiffness, nausea and death. Further diagnostics indicate the bacteria came from the Maple Leaf Food Toronto meat plant's cutting machines.

Aside from the wasted products and 35% of decreased sale, listeriosis also damaged the company's reputation as one of the most reliable Canadian food processers. The shocking news caused consumers fear and confusion, it also makes the customers find difficult to continually trust the Maple Leaf Food.

After the outbreak the company reacted calmly and quickly, they contacted the retailer to get their products off the shelves and shut down the plant. These actions are to be expected from a 100 years old company. If I was assigned to the position of Maple Leaf Food's president and CEO, I would take the following...