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Essay by sunyboy April 2004

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Marketing assignment by,

Omar Abdulle - AVCE Business studies Department

To be handed in by, 24th February 2003


Marketing Lecturer - Carole Lambert

Table of Content

Terms of Reference/Procedures1

Marketing Strategy (the 4 Ps)1

How I used sources of Primary and Secondary Information5

PEST Factors6

How I analysed the impact of the external environment on my 6

Marketing decisions

How I analysed the marketing context and decided on an6

Appropriate strategy

Break even chart7

Product Life Cycle8

Boston Matrix9

Ansoff's Matrix10


Terms of Reference / Procedures

I am a student at the College of North East London in the Business Studies department. I am studying for the Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education (AVCE) Business that is sometimes known as the Vocational A-Level. For my Marketing Unit I will need to produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product. The product that I have chosen to study for my marketing assignment is Nokia 3310 which is an existing product.

In my assignment there are a number of tasks that raise some difficult questions. I must analyse these tasks, and then produce a report. My report must include an analysis of the products marketing context and an evaluation of its reliability or quality compared to its competitors.

I carried out the following activities to complete the report.

*I used some questionnaires to aid my marketing research

*I used the text book to learn more about the product life cycle

*I have spoken to some electrical retail personnel to help me understand the product

Marketing Strategy

How the strategy is based on the principles of marketing

I have a market based strategy which involves my main aim to sell 400 Nokia 3310 mobile phones to the public. I am not targeting any particular age group but I am targeting...