Marketing Channel Strategy

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Marketing Channel Strategy

Our company has recently developed a new line of household cleaning products. As such a team has been selected from within to devise a marketing channel strategy for this new product line. The proposed strategy includes the following:

The marketing channel(s) that will be used to distribute that product and why these channels were selected

Objectives of each channel selected

Plans for managing and motivating the channel members

Plans for evaluating channel members

Marketing channel(s) that will be used to distribute the product line and why these channels were selected

Our team has selected what we believe is a marketing plan, which involves multiple channels that, will enhance the company's sales capabilities for our new product line and will also provide the means to go nation-wide without having to setup a new sales force network. This is a deviation from our conventional method of sales, which currently uses an extensive sales force network of independent distributors.

Throughout the East Coast the distributors handle our commercial customer base well and will not be affected by this move.

Our reason for selecting this marketing approach over our conventional marketing approach is simple. The conventional sales force functions effectively with our commercial customer base but are not conducive to selling direct to the public. The company's plan to go nationwide with this new product line, which fosters a change that we believe, will have sustainability in our sales in a highly competitive market.

The first part of our marketing plan is structured around an agreement with the QVC Network. QVC's web site reports the following:

"The demographic profile of QVC's customer base spans all socioeconomic groups and varies significantly depending on product appeal. For instance, a cooking program like "In The Kitchen With Bob®" attracts men and women; an apparel...