Marketing Communications with use of NLP for Computer Club.

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Marketing Communications with use of NLP for Computer Club.

1) Computer club "Virtu@l Insanity".

I have composed the name of computer club from to words: 1) "virtuality" -to show people that here they can entirely draw away from real life and its problems; 2) "insanity"- this word will attract up-to-date generation, which want to increase adrenaline in theirs blood. The symbol "@" shows that there you can find Internet access (e-mail).

a) The most preferable eternal stereotypes we can use for marketing offer of computer club are: reality & virtuality, human intelligence & computer power, processor & brain, local & universal (local Internet account provides worldwide easy access to various information), relatively slow human action & rapid computer reaction (on this action), technics & organics, possible & impossible (while playing games you can do thing you can not do in real life), addiction & ability to give up (computer games are not drugs, but they afford pleasure).

In my view usage of cultural stereotypes in computer club ads is not correct.

b) In order to create the most appropriate slogan for computer club I want to see who are the constant visitors of club.

Target market: a) B2C (pupils, students, gamers, people who are addicted to internet/games, people who is in need to type and print documents, to send e-mail message, to find information through Internet); b) B2B (organizers of computer competitions, firms who want their workers to attend computer courses). The most frequent visitors are gamers (with wide age interval 8-35), who prefer recently released arcade/action type of computer games. So, mainly our slogan must target gamers. I would like to suggest the following slogans: "Get Addicted" as the main, "Are you ready to die?" and "Touch everything you want" as supplementary.

c) I would like to suggest...