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Joseph M. Palmer Conusmer Behavior Assignment #3 12/1/01 Current Ethical Topic: Nudity and Near-Nudity in Advertising In advertising marketers can apply any number of an abundant pool of strategies in which to sell their product. They must decide which method will best convey the products attributes and will best entice consumers to make the purchase. When doing this, marketers know that an advertisement, which catches the attention of the consumer, will most likely lead to a purchase. In modern times we are more and more being desensitized to things such as violence and nudity. A modern ethical issue within consumer behavior is the use of nudity or risqué images in advertisements.

One of the articles that I read discussed the use of ad content that was viewed as inappropriate. The content, which they spoke of, dealt with anything from violence to nudity, spanning all the way to even portraying people as objects.

France's Truth in Advertising Bureau has come down on the advertising methods of even such well-known fashion houses as Salvatore Farragamo and Christian Dior. This is the bureau who issues standards which prohibited ads which are "violent, convey images of submission or portray people as objects." (Wall Street Journal) France is not the only country that is cracking down on these types of ads. In Germany as well as Italy they have had problems with advertisements ethics as well. These problems have lead the European Union to consider placing tighter restrictions on television commercials which may be aimed at children. In Germany the bureau, which watched the advertising content, is not allowed to release the names of the companies, which they find to be in violation but they admit they have the same problems as the other countries.

In Europe "bare breasts are used to promote everything from...