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AbstractThe following pages discuss part of the marketing mix for Right Guard Sport Invisible Solid deodorant. It will discuss the specific consumers brand loyalty to the product, show background research on the deodorant and show how it is promoted in the market. Finally, it will show an analysis of why this specific consumer is loyal to this particular brand of deodorant.

Right GuardIntroductionThe consumer I found that is extremely loyal to a brand name product is my husband, Jason Carne and the product is he is loyal to is Right Guard Sport Invisible Solid deodorant.

Description of person's loyalty to a brandMy husband started using Right Guard Sport deodorant about 25 years ago and remains a loyal customer, never using any other brand. He says that his dad influenced him to start using the Right Guard product because that is what he saw him using when he was growing up so when it came time for him to start using deodorant, that is naturally what he chose.

He says that he has stayed loyal to this particular brand and maintained being a customer over the years because it has always worked well and there was no reason to switch to another brand or competitor (he is not big on changing his habits anyway).

Background on the brandRight Guard was introduced to the market in the 1960’s by the Gillette Company and was the first aerosol antiperspirant. Its ingredients include denatured alcohol, hydroflurocarbon 152A, Propylene Glycol, and fragrance.

The Dial Corporation bought the RightGuard brand in 2006 for over $400 million as part of an acquisition from Gillette Company.

Stating that they are “one of the best known brands in North America,” Right Guard deodorant claims to have “state of the art” protection and offers many product lines...