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Looking for a healthy choice in fast food? That's the question Wendy's is trying to answer with the introduction of their new turkey burger. Turkey is quickly gaining popularity in recipes and grocery stores across the U.S. In order to ensure the product is successful, Wendy's marketing managers are creating an in-depth marketing plan. This paper, the third phase in the marketing plan, will present some of the attributes of the turkey burger; why this product is a good choice for introduction to the Wendy's menu. The paper will also discuss the projected life cycle, differentiation and segmentation of the turkey burger, and the pricing strategies Wendy's should use when marketing their new product.

Attributes of Turkey Burgers"It chews like a steak," says executive chef Manual Mares (Parseghian, 2003). It's a turkey burger though, not a steak. Turkey is increasing in popularity in the U.S., where Americans eat 17 pounds a year.

One of the main reasons for eating turkey over beef is that turkey has half of the fat, but lacks nothing in taste. In fact, because of the many flavors that can be combined with turkey, one could easily say that a turkey burger is more flavorful than a beef. Turkey burgers can be prepared with a variety of different seasonings and toppings. This allows for one main item to be represented on the menu in a variety of ways, offering even seasonal themed sandwiches.

R&W Food Service Sales, a parent company of Jennie-O Turkey Store, provides fact sheets for turkey burgers that can be displayed in stores. These posters list some of the attributes of the turkey burger (R&W, 2008):•Authentic burger taste and juicy texture•Classic meaty beef-like bite•Improved traditional burger appearance•Pairs well with other fresh, healthy ingredients•Positive health connotations•High versatility as either classic burger applications or using...