Marketing plan for a Nightclub

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Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Company Name: 'Magnitude'

Service: Nightclub

Dance orientated nightclubs have been around for nearly twenty years. They have astonished their audiences with powered lights, sound and music which make these venues one of the highest cash flow businesses in the world.

The Magnitude nightclub will be the leading, high-energy, themed dance and nightclub in the East-side of Birmingham. It will be a privately owned club and managed by: Akash Kumar; Ravi Pharhani; and myself Jaswant Sangha. Sales for the first year of trading are expected to be �7,000 and Gross Margin is expected to be �5,000. After the first year of trading the company is to make an Overall Net Profit of �,000. The Medium-Term sales are expected to be �7,000, Gross Margin �5,000, Overall Net Profit �2,000. The Long-Term sales are expected to be �0,000, Gross Margin �0,000, and Overall Net Profit �0,000.

Our goal is to stay one step ahead of the competition through a high standard service provision.

Our customers will endure more fun and entertainment during their leisure time. We will provide more video and electronic technology per square footage than anyone else in the region. We will incorporate a unique and effective themed menu and atmosphere which will create a sense of 'belonging' for locals and tourists alike. Our company motto is 'It's what we do best that makes us what we are'.

Key Objectives:

� 牋牋牋牋Capitalise on excellent location opportunity.

� 牋牋牋牋To launch new venue with a highly publicised grand opening event in the summer of 2002.

� 牋牋牋牋Manage our internal finances and cash flow to enable upward capital growth.

� 牋牋牋牋To exceed �0,000 in annual sales by the third year of plan implementation.

� 牋牋牋牋To maintain a food cost below 25% of food revenue.

� 牋牋牋牋To maintain a total beverage...