A Marketing Plan For Replay Breweries Ltd.

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A Marketing Plan For Replay Breweries Ltd.

Due Date: 31 May 2008

Topic: Boutique Beer


Executive Summary

Replay Breweries Ltd. is located at Brisbane Queensland; the company has established a market reputation on providing a premium larger product. The company has also been successful in gaining a loyal market. And now the company has decided to expand across the board to the city of Sydney.

From research the company have found that there is a growth in the low alcohol boutique beer market and more and more people using the internet to purchase across the country, and because of fewer and fewer distribution of cannel for beer. The company have decided on producing an internet selling service to the new company's product Replay Lemon Light, which is a low alcohol beer with a touch of lemon taste. This new product will only be available on the internet and has guarantee of next day delivery.

Although we have some high competition, threats of new entrants in this market, and the decline in overall beer drinkers, the company is hopeful that it will get the end of year target market share of 0.4% and then with our limited resources and hopefully maintaining our loyal customers, expand to a nation wide recognisable brand.


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103. Marketing Objectives and Strategies �

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