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MARKETING PROJECT -PROPOSAL- For the term marketing project, our group has decided to open an indoor ramp park (traditionally called skateboard parks, however this park will also foster the unfulfilled needs of in-line skaters and BMX stunt bikers). With the growth of the "extreme sport" culture and the increasing number of alternative athlete's in these extreme sports, it was determined by our group that there is a definite market for this unfulfilled need. The business venture will be the creation of an in-door ramp/terrain park facility located in the east.

Alternative athletes are prohibited from using the large majority of public property that would challenge the athlete's. For example, stair and handrails that these athlete's use as obstacles are ground for trespassing violations and law enforcement involvement.

Currently there is one outdoor, official government skateboard park. This park is built on an in ground design and a concrete foundation.

The park offers challengeable terrain for all abilities of athlete's. However, the park is limited in size, overcrowded and its use is dependent on the weather. There is a second outdoor park as well. This park consists of a series of wooden ramps and obstacles, arrange out in a privately owned concrete flat court. This park lacks challengeable terrain for its users, as well, is limited in space. Not to mention, the location of the park is a great deal away from the grave majority of the alternative sport industry.

Despite the minimal attempts to satisfy the needs of these athletes in the outdoor months, there are no indoor ramp/terrain park facilities for these athlete's.

Due to the growth of the alternative sport culture and the obvious lack of facilities for the industry, we believe this business venture to be a valued and...