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Generations have changed drastically and will continue to change overtime. If you do not wear or sport a stylish piece of clothing you are deemed a loser and then are excluded from kids your own age. Teenagers do not just want lots of things they want the name brands that go along with it. Teens get caught up and end up being materialistic. Nowadays kids cannot wait to get jobs so they can support themselves by this I mean buying the latest Tommy Hilfiger sweater which is priced at 150 dollars. Teenagers do not care what the price tag says only if their friends will like it. Materialism is not only expensive but it centers out the "poor" and "rich" kids. The "poor" kids can then be teased and made fun of. Children do not understand what their or their parent's financial situation is they only care that they are wearing no name brand clothes compared to their Nike, Gap, Tommy, or Guess clothing. This has caused kids to become severely depressed and some kids have gone as far as suicide to compensate for their life. No child should ever have to go thru it, in the end it's just a piece of fabric that is used to cover them up underneath we are all pretty much the same.

What about the kids that are not even able to afford clothes? This happens to many young individuals that either run away from home or their whole family is on the streets because their parents cannot support them. These kids are just looking for meals to eat and our teenagers today who have good homes are worried that they can't get those new Guess shoes. If people keep making them feel inferior to everyone else they will never rise from...