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Peaks and Valleys Essay In chapter nine, I overcame many peaks and valleys. The following information will discuss what I thought were peaks, which were easy, and what I thought were valleys, which were hard. The chapter was divided into sections from one to eight.

We started out by learning how to multiply monomials in section one. Problems like (3ab)(-4ab). I thought this was a peak because it was easy, it didn't take much work to do, and I could easily remember the steps on how to solve the problems. Later, we started to divide by monomials. This was a valley because it was becoming harder to do. There were more steps to be done, and the book's methods were confusing me a lot.

After dividing and multiplying by monomials was mastered, we moved onto scientific notation. I thought this was a peak because it was very understandable.

All you had to do was to move the decimal point through the given number to find your answer. I thought this was very simple.

Sections four, five, six, and seven dealt with polynomials and how to add, subtract and multiply them with monomials. I thought section four was a peak because all you had to do was identify if an equation was a monomial, binomial, or trinomial by looking at the amount of numbers in the equation. Section five was about adding and subtracting polynomials. I thought this was a giant valley. There were a whole bunch of methods and steps we had to learn. I would understand what to do during class, but when I got home I would get confused when I messed up in a problem. Then, I would be forced to look back to the book's examples, which to me are not understandable,