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A Matter of Life or Death- Activity 5-5 Problem: How might a predator affect a population of prey? Hypothisis: A presdator might affect a popualtion of pray by eating it and decresaing it's numbers.

Materials: Same as on Page 243 and 244, Activiy 5-5 in Science Directions 9.

Observations: Results: My test on the Pink Background was very close to the results that the rest of the class got. I had 132 pink pecies remaining and the class, on average had 109.I had 156 blacks remaining and the class, on avarge 165. My test for the black background was not correctly done because we didn;t use enough pieces of paper. On average , the class had 119.25 pieces remaing on the blackbackkground and 166.5 black pieces remaining.

Questions: 1a) The ratio at the end of the experiment on the pibk background was 40:60 (pink:black).

1b) After two generations, the ratio between pink abnd black pieces were 20:80 (pink:black).

2) I thought that the number would decrease because I thought that we could eat may more pieces that we did in 30 seconds.

3) No, no colour was completely safe, the black pieces still stood out on the black background and vise versa for the pinks.

4a&b) I would predict that on either the black or pink background, the populations would still go up.

5) I believe that the predator would be able to hunt the same amount of moths or more because, assuming the moths smelt the same, it wouldn't matter what colour they were.

6) Factors that might of affected the results of this experiment are: Layout- the way the pieces were placed can affect the ones that the predator ate.

jar placement- if the jar was close to you, you might be able to get more...