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Climbing the arduous corporate ladder to reach positions of high power and high pay is an intoxicating dream of many in today's work force. The most ambitious amongst us diligently pursue the coveted title of a company man. However, the pressures and challenges of such high positions can overburden one's life. Few individuals are capable of striking a balance between incessant demands of their jobs and the needs of their families and personal lives. The balance is rarely decided in favor of one's happiness, and instead one ends up in a prison of longs hours and many compromises to one's basic value system. From the moment the alarm-radio begins playing smooth jazz at 6:30 in the morning, the company man is alert and ready to start his day. An exquisitely pressed Gucci suit helps him dress for success, while a freshly waxed Mercedes-Benz parts the Red Sea of traffic on the freeway.

Parking in the building's garage is no issue; his parking space is clearly marked with a "Reserved" sign. With a cup of coffee in hand, the company man arrives at work at precisely 9:00 a.m. He takes his messages from his personal secretary and smiles at his group of coworkers. After the standard "good mornings," he glides into his corner office - the one marked with his name on the door - and reaches for one of the folders on his well-organized desk. Within minutes, the new associate pops his head in the door, introduces himself, and babbles on about his ineffable joy in being chosen to work under such a great leader. The company man humbly smiles and hands the new recruit a company mug, sharing a piece of witty advice while nudging him towards the door.

The company man shuts the door, returns to his desk,