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To write about myself, What should I say? I am eighteen, and a senior at Union High School.

I am the Greek guy with the odd personality.

I was born and raised here in the Tulsa area.

I've gone to Union since I was five.

I feel proud to come from a good family that cares about me and wants to see me succeed.

Although I only live with my dad now, My brother and grandparents are all close, And I will always remember how much my mother cared about me.

No matter how sick she was she was always willing to help better my life.

I will never forget how much she wanted to see me Be a success.

Through all of this time I have had good friends To help me through the rough times, And enjoy the better ones.

In return I do the same.

I sit writing this in my last year of high school.

In the next year a new world will open itself to me And I will have the opportunity to have all new experiences, And make new friends.

To call this a time of mixed emotions would be an understatement.

Never have I felt so much excitement and happiness Mixed with sorrow and mourning.

With all that I don't know, I do know that whatever the future holds for me, I will make the best of it.