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Everybody, whether they can connect with it or not, has two sides. In fact, I have come to find that most people just walk around in what can best be called a protective shell, or a cover up so that people will not ridicule them for their real beliefs. Even I can be this way when I am in a position where I feel vulnerable. But I also have a deeper me that only people who really know me ever really meet. Every once in a while, a person comes along who can truly show me that they care. These rare people are the people who help me to shed my protective layer and reveal the real me.

A lot of my friends turn to me when they need someone to cheer them up, or just to make them laugh. This is not because I am funny. In fact, I have probably never told a good and authentic joke in my life.

It's mostly because I'm pretty stupid (not academically, of course). I have done some wild things in my time: scared children, banged my head on trashcans, and even lay in the middle of the street, just to make my friends happy. But sometimes I also have problems and need people to turn to.

One thing that is unique about me is that I was an Army brat, and therefore, was forced to make some drastic changes in my environment, such as our move to Germany. But I was always okay with it, as long as I had my immediate family. My mom was there to help me with school and to do motherly things with me; my sister, to play with me and keep me company during the long, somewhat lethargic summer hours. But most of...