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Speech 1 Myself Speech On April 16, 1986 the girl who will make a difference was born. She now has become a teenager with dreams and goals. My name is Denise. I'm from El Paso. I've lived here all my life. I live with my brother and our parents. I'm not really common. I think its because my friends, the music I like, and my personal goals.

I have all different kinds of friends. They hang in different cliques. Rockers with rockers. Gothics with gothics. Preps with preps. Mexicans with Mexicans. Blacks with blacks. Ravers with ravers. Most of them stay with in there little click. For some reason I wouldn't like to be in a group because for one I don't like to be classified. Then second Im in high school, and barely finding out who I am. Why would I stick with 1 thing when I like many.

I don't want to pretend to be some thing that I'm not. Because once you choose a group, you get scared of leaving because others will probably not accept you because your already classified. So I don't know what I would be under, maybe variety. Either way Ill still be under some kind of class. But it's okay I'm still young and I can change it.

One of my favorite things to do besides be with my friends and have end-less conversations on the telephone is listen to music. My brother and I can't live with out it. If they took away my stereo I think I would die. We are a little obsessed"¦Okay, a lot, but its because its like therapy for me. When I'm mad, happy, depressed, hyper, clam or any thing else. It really soothes me, especially when I can relate to the lyrics. I don't really go for a certain type of music. I just look at the words. Usually it might be R n B because I really get emotional with my boyfriend so I look for songs about love, braking up, making up, stuff like that.

I feel like I'm not really sharp on my goals or on what I want to do in the far future. I like to live in the moment, or maybe Ill lighten up this year and take things a little more seriously and not take what everyone in my family tell me for granted. My brother he always tells me "get ready, get prepared, you have no idea how much you'll regret slacking it." I still don't listen. I mean I see what he goes through to go to collage and I still don't understand. It's because I need to grow up. That's my first goal. Trying not to procrastinate as much and be a little more mature about life. My second and last goal would probably be to lighten up and graduate from high school. I really don't want to set long-time goals or maybe I just don't want to mention them.

Well, anyways, that's mainly what my life is about. My friends and family, music, and my two goals. For now anyways, because I still plan to make some kind of big difference.